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Artist’s description:

"So I saw EStories is doing a contest…

Took me a while to decide on what to draw and then I realized there’s Nightmare Moon, Daybreaker, even Twilight has I think Midnight Sparkle, but Cadance’s evil side just sort of ended with Chrystalis’s corruption of her. I wanted to see what I could do here, especially since Cadance’s evilsona sounded so interesting: the seductress, the amazon, the ice queen, the heartbreaker… she has so much potential as the princess of love. I was easily most excited about her eyes- they turned out not quite as dazzling as I pictured but close. I had the biggest struggle with her crown, and I wasn’t totally sure how to address her hair…I wanted something that possibly denoted perfume or the curly wisps of a seductress, but smoky and almost magical like all the other manes of the corrupted princesses. I liked how it turned out but again, it wasn’t exactly as I imagined. But it was hard to come up with anything really. It looks sufficiently sinister at least."
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