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Neighsay, S1 Luna and Discord join in.

Even though Neighsay ain't tactically a villain, he still was a nuisance to the main six.
Luna herself is the first-ever reformed villain, even though she was trapped within herself.
And Discord is snacking on a Pocky.

Done during todays stream
safe1708574 artist:chub-wub377 chancellor neighsay653 discord31004 fizzlepop berrytwist9241 pony of shadows486 princess luna99202 starlight glimmer48712 stygian788 sunset shimmer63122 tempest shadow16802 trixie67556 alicorn224867 draconequus11768 pony969630 unicorn324288 broken horn13829 chocolate3345 cookie3675 crackers180 dialogue65622 eye scar5078 eyes closed93750 female1365046 food70236 gee bill36 horn67566 levitation12133 magic73366 male373420 mare481652 oreo138 peanut butter396 peanut butter crackers194 pocky444 reformed villain60 s1 luna7286 scar12016 snacks147 stallion109139 telekinesis27779 vein bulge2897


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