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safe (1409474)artist:velveagicsentryyt (299)starlight glimmer (37084)sunburst (4575)oc (516286)oc:cosmic (25)oc:sunlay (14)female (742973)glowing horn (13172)horn (24068)implied transformation (246)implied transgender transformation (53)levitation (8444)magic (56361)male (251780)mare (325255)offspring (28259)parents:starburst (332)parent:starlight glimmer (950)parent:sunburst (676)pony (674463)rule 63 (22393)sheepish grin (210)shipping (161531)spell gone wrong (247)starburst (824)stellar gleam (42)straight (107670)sungleam (4)sunstone (g4 r63 sunburst) (29)telekinesis (20186)unicorn (195920)


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