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some smolder
safe1586260 artist:jeglegator123 smolder6869 dragon48914 2 4 6 greaaat1263 armpits41358 belly button68824 blushing177800 blushing profusely1657 cheerleader outfit814 cheerleader smolder199 clothes414589 cute181200 dragoness6934 female1192892 implied perversion3 midriff18248 miniskirt4774 moe1319 pleated skirt3960 skirt36137 smolderbetes1072 smoldere58 solo982352 tsundere2640


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Young Leosword
@Beau Skunky
Part of it is because there were a kajillion other minor characters up to that episode all requiring fan art from the phantom forces that drive fan artists to create. <w<
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