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This episode was FULL of continuity errors.
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This episode was FULL of continuity errors

last time I checked there were only two and they were at the end of the episode.
Also don’t act like the show had perfect continuity before
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Keira Alcove

Everyone just makes a huge stink about episodes for no reason. It’s ridiculous! It’s no wonder why I never called myself a true brony, because I do not want to stoop to the level of "whiny nitpicker".

I prefer to enjoy the show for what it is. That is what a true fan would do.
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“ShimSham my GlimGlams”
Fewer ponies to put their noses where they have no business and possibly find an artifact he’s supposed to protect. Then again, wasn’t that just said in the Daring Do book, which is not an autobiography, but a memoir, if it’s fictionalized in any way? Yearling isn’t necessarily a fully reliable narrator.
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The Induvidual Human
……………..I guess it’s up to you whether he’s sympathetic or not. After all, he is a giant Aztec dog thing. We have a lot of those running around threathening humanity ready to be judged for their actions.
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