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Day 09- Hanging Out with Friends

: Me and Fluttershy? Hanging out with Aria Blaze?
: Isn't it exciting girls?
: Yeah sure. (thinking to herself: I am not hanging out with Rainbow Crash or whatever her name is).

Hmmmm, interesting idea for Day 09 in the FlutterBlaze/ AriaShy (Aria Blaze x Fluttershy) 30 Day OTP Challenge artwork huh? This is just like the Season 9 episode "Sweet and Smokey" only with Aria in the role of Garble and Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash as Smolder and Spike. Mainly by the fact that Rainbow is not comfortable with the idea of having to hang out with Aria Blaze with Fluttershy. Sorry Flutterdash shippers.

My Little Pony and Equestria Girls (C) Hasbro.


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