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safe (1428009)screencap (174434)amethyst star (2081)applejack (147683)ballet jubilee (20)dawnlighter (49)derpy hooves (45873)fluttershy (184023)goldy wings (52)green sprout (15)loganberry (74)midnight snack (character) (100)peppe ronnie (24)pinkie pie (188918)rainberry (32)rainbow dash (203753)rainbow stars (164)rarity (157510)silver script (62)sparkler (1932)spike (68452)star bright (125)tender brush (75)twilight sparkle (260231)winter lotus (75)alicorn (163279)dragon (37604)earth pony (147930)pegasus (187733)pony (697180)unicorn (202889)spoiler:s09 (566)background pony (7462)bird cage (47)colt (11184)comic book (536)female (759121)filly (50429)friendship student (1106)male (257688)mane seven (4791)mane six (26426)mare (334689)stallion (72885)train (1878)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (101924)unnamed pony (1566)winged spike (5527)


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Nency Dermawan
This screencap might be taken from the My Little Pony version of the Dora the Explorer episode Dance to the Rescue. In this version, Princesses Celestia and Luna are being trapped in a bottle by a dancing elf, and to set the two Royal Sisters free, the Mane Six has to go through the pyramid and sail across the ocean, and they arrived at a castle where the dancing elf holds a dancing competition. Here they are traveling to the pyramid via the Friendship Express.
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