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A little piece I did out of boredom, I know it's not even remotely close to Halloween yet but I felt like doing something Phantom themed and realized that this could make for a nice little tribute to the now 50 year old Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland. (Pose and outfit are based off of one of the Phantom Manor's new changing portraits but that's close enough right?)
safe (1524139) artist:cosmiceclipsed (125) derpibooru exclusive (23005) oc (574238) oc:stardust (239) oc:stardust(cosmiceclipse) (38) bat pony (40625) pony (799067) bat pony oc (12693) black and white (11055) cape (8558) cloak (3656) clothes (388299) coat (2326) crossed arms (3884) crossed hooves (1626) ear tufts (368) fangs (20305) gray mane (76) grayscale (33986) hallway (719) hat (72300) haunted mansion (21) haunted mansion ride (2) looking at you (135222) male (288911) mask (5021) monochrome (142550) phantom (17) phantom manor (5) phantom of the opera (187) slit eyes (3711) slit pupils (460) solo (938110) stallion (86406) the haunted mansion (42) top hat (3533)


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