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This is what I mean,look I know I can’t report because Instagram only does report inappropriate but they post the image and DONT CREDIT,also I have no artist tag in Instagram because I don’t have it,anyways they could just say from which website they found it or say I don’t own any of this,or just make a quick account here where they found it and just dm me to ask me permission,you know what I mean?anyways I blurred the username because I don’t want any hate sent to the user that’s just mean for me,also I already reposnded and commented to credit the owner and said I was the owner so everything is handled under control

not provided yet


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OP, please do not inventing new tags like "Credit the Owner", it is pointless, adding that will eventually must be consulted to the forums. Please add tags that is already existed here (the ones that has a huge amount of value number, instead of those with the value number just "1")
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