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A commission for mariodashrko

Rainbow Dash was in an embarrassment as her shorts got dropped in front of her friends
which in fact it has cats and dogs showing on her panties.

Rainbow Dash © Hasbro
Art © (Me)
suggestive (112963)artist:tvideshow (2)rainbow dash (203723)anthro (200414)animal print underwear (13)belly button (59653)blushing (153658)breasts (203223)cat print underwear (6)clothes (355254)dialogue (50574)embarrassed (8796)embarrassed underwear exposure (670)female (758907)gradient background (8984)implied applejack (498)implied fluttershy (427)implied pinkie pie (523)implied rarity (769)implied twilight sparkle (1297)pants (9763)pants down (598)pink underwear (3394)shorts (10273)short shirt (1086)solo (875079)solo female (154785)thinking (1374)underwear (49602)wardrobe malfunction (3927)x3 (32)


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