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This is my OC Death Shadow©. He is a vampire alicorn who can fly at 10000000MPH and vanquishize moutains is a single blast
safe1750237 oc711812 alicorn232858 bat pony52161 bat pony alicorn2201 pony1010323 alicorn oc27618 bat wings10038 changeling horn50 donut steel626 edgy1612 edgy as fuck55 fangs26678 horn77551 male387949 obtrusive watermark4884 original character do not steal752 red and black oc1736 slit pupils5093 stallion115703 watermark16933 wings123063


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Background Pony #939E
O-Oh yeah? His insipid skull? Well lets see what he says when he's chewing the marrow out of your insipid arm!
Background Pony #939E
be sure an brush his teef too, the remains of lesser ponies get stuck there from time2tyme