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When I heard about the holiday special if they are premiering one,I edit this,because it gave me this idea
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Background Pony #2E83
Will I believe this is what the equestria girls will look like in Equestria girls holiday unwrapped!
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Background Pony #DBE6
Is this what the equestria girls will look like in Equestria girls holiday unwrapped?
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Background Pony #2006
Here are my comments on each of their outfits, since I like something about each one I like.

For Pinkie: Me: Love the hot pink skirt and blue sweater on ya, Pinkie. Makes ya look extra cute, too.

Pinkie: TeeHee Thanks! squees

For Dashie: Me: You look 20% warmer in that oufit, Rainbow.

RD: Hehe, thanks. I knew you’d get the point.

For Twily: Me: Heh, I gotta say, you really sparkle in that outfit with the stars, Twily

Twily: Oh you. giggles

For Sunset: Me: That’s an interesting color you picked for the skirt, Sunset.

Sunset: giggles Just a new color I’m trying out. grins

For Rarity: Me: Well Miss Rarity, you certainly are a rare, beautiful sight to see in that fluffy, warm, white, winter
dress you’re wearing.

Rarity: Why thank you, darling. curtsies

For AJ: Me: Simple look for ya, AJ, ’cause I like it.

AJ: Eeyep, and thanks.

For Fluttershy: Me: Oh. My. Gosh. Fluttershy! You’re so cute and beautiful in that dress! I love it!

Fluttershy: blushes and giggles Awwww, thanks. squees

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