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Sandbar: You liked it yesterday.

Gallus: Yesterday, I didn’t notice SOMEONE had glued this costume on so I was stuck in it.

Smolder: You’re a big strong Griffgriff. Can’t you tear it off.

Silverstream: Nope! Professor Rarity’s fabric was used to make these outfits. It’s designed to be strong enough not to be damaged!

Ocellus: Ever think that our teachers are somehow overqualified for their other jobs?

Yona: This costume perfect for Yakyakistan. Survives smash! Fabric strong. Yona approves.
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Background Pony #650
This episode and this post was all I needed. Looking forward to more art like this.

Oh, I think that I found myself a few cheerleaders, hope their art will be right there when I need them…
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sleep 💤

B-Because one cutie cheerleader boy w-wasn’t enough, now we have another! ^^
M-Miss Rarity enjoys this waaaaaaaay too much~ ;3
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