Happy Birthday, MLP:FiM! MLP:FiM turns 9 years old this year! Let's celebrate with an art event!
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My computer is bein crappy with me so if you notice the quality is poor, I’m sorry ;-;
Anyway I miss drawing MLP so I drew them based on these MMD modules:—

Pinkie Pie – www.deviantart.com/rinxneruxd/… and www.deviantart.com/rinxneruxd/… (I did some changes)
Fluttershy – www.deviantart.com/rinxneruxd/…
Applejack – www.deviantart.com/rinxneruxd/…
Rarity & Rainbow Dash – www.deviantart.com/violetvioli…
Twilight Sparkle – derpibooru.org/253211

My most fave are Ponks and Twilly uwu
safe (1428745)artist:biscuitloveskitty (20)applejack (147774)fluttershy (184093)pinkie pie (188999)rainbow dash (203870)rarity (157589)twilight sparkle (260382)human (130753)cute (148416)dashabetes (6656)diapinkes (6983)female (759594)flutterdash (3987)humanized (88012)jackabetes (4251)lesbian (81823)mane six (26452)mary janes (1005)raribetes (3748)rarijack (6020)shipping (164396)shyabetes (9405)title drop (150)twiabetes (8059)twinkie (1587)


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