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A drawing of shimmy shake and lighthoof that took me more than I thought, I hope you like it
safe1688340 artist:pyropk114 lighthoof541 shimmy shake542 earth pony241931 pony950044 2 4 6 greaaat1336 cheerleader outfit977 clothes452874 cute197153 dancing8243 duo59556 duo female10202 featured image874 female1346362 lightorable53 pleated skirt4044 ponytail17553 shakeabetes53 skirt39179 smiling243192 sweet dreams fuel1570 that was fast1363


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Background Pony #AC92
I always thought it was a shame these characters were introduced so late. I think the fandom would've really run with them if they appeared earlier.

@Background Pony Number 17
I disagree with the Yona part. She is also cute in cheerleader outfit.

But really, most of the worst episodes of this show do have a lot of good things in them, take Yakity-Sax for example:
-Return of Pinkamena, despite the absolute misuse of her
-Maud Pie
-Tired Fluttershy sleeping while standing is adorable
That's not a lot but there are still some.
Background Pony Number 17
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

@Awkward Segway

The episode was pretty lame, especially with Rainbow Dash holding the Idiot Ball, but it had a lot of incidental things going for it:
- Smolder in a cheerleader's outfit (cute).
- Yona in a cheerleader's outfit (hilarious).
- Snips channeling Ed from Ed, Edd, and Eddy.
- Magic-suppressing horn rings turned out to be canon.
- Princess Celestia is pretty manic sports promoter.
- Twilight Sparkle trolled Rainbow Dash the same way Princess Celestia had repeatedly trolled Twilight. While doing it IN FRONT of Princess Celestia. The pupil had truly become the master by then.