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Commission for Lightingbolt :3
safe (1409907)artist:darkest-lunar-flower (351)absurd res (60985)annoyed (4216)bags under eyes (1282)blood (19398)bone (1872)bring me the horizon (159)colored pupils (7420)colored sclera (435)commission (39634)disguised siren (233)ear fluff (17242)earth pony (142637)eye clipping through hair (2166)fangs (17226)hair over one eye (6801)happy (23286)horn (24113)hug (22226)kellin quinn (130)lidded eyes (17997)lip piercing (733)long sleeves (195)looking away (2795)male (251927)oliver sykes (128)ponified (33612)pony (675290)scar (8161)shirt (16766)sitting (45216)sleeping with sirens (134)slit eyes (2952)stallion (70819)stitches (568)tattoo (3706)undead (772)unicorn (196095)zombie pony (332)


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