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Flame To Fire

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safe1587423 artist:theinvertedshadow102 applejack159966 fluttershy199840 pinkie pie204489 rainbow dash221020 rarity171178 twilight sparkle283952 wild card66 alicorn199788 cyborg3410 earth pony206138 pegasus247653 pony857503 unicorn274253 elements of insanity354 3d65662 anti-hero78 anti-heroine61 applepills88 badass3066 brutalight sparcake142 confident641 female1227846 flight178 fluttershout126 glowing horn17042 gun14792 hat77311 horn47768 levitation10734 looking at you147938 machete202 magic66616 mane six29789 mare427381 pill bottle19 pills316 pinkis cupcake116 rainbine121 rainbine ears72 rarifruit98 source filmmaker39995 sword10756 telekinesis24857 tomboy757 top hat3797 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116282 weapon27703


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5 comments posted
Background Pony #D4A2
i see but that's not gonna stop me from disliking the way they stare
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Background Pony #D4A2
those eyes i hate those damn eyes that's why they gotta die

btw i'm not trying to hate or anything that was just a reference to one of my favorite qoutes but i actually do dislike they way they stare at the viewer on most images they are featured on it's quite disturbing