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Fluttershy: Nice work, everyone. You can't win them all.

Pinkie Pie: Sometimes, that's just how the cupcake crumbles.
safe1675727 screencap218225 berry sweet102 blue october58 blueberry muffin58 caramel2485 cloudburst48 daisy2479 flower wishes2348 fluttershy209454 goldy wings79 huckleberry367 lily1938 lily valley1936 pinkie pie213273 rainbowshine926 starlight glimmer47761 strawberry scoop225 sugar maple140 violet twirl151 earth pony237514 pegasus280072 pony938493 unicorn310892 2 4 6 greaaat1330 audience403 background pony10141 bleachers197 crowd970 female1335805 field1090 friendship student1642 male362518 mare466107 sitting61366 stallion104784


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