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Sai + PS6
Done three days (including breaks and sleep). I was offered to turn the liquid into an apple. I'll try!


Part 1 — youtu.be/LzGJPqW0i0o
Part 2 — youtu.be/nQV3o5qEYO0


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I don't like to use filters, though not because of laziness… I want to see everyone's interpretation of stuff as they see it, as free-flowing as the site allows. I certainly wasn't complaining, rather just commenting that some of the art is made by adults, for adults. It certainly is a note-worthy and cool peace, whether or not I needed to make an appointment with my therapist after I came across it.
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You look so shiftless
Don't worry! There is a version where she returns to the normal form https://derpibooru.org/2116288
If it really scares, it is necessary to put the corresponding filter. hghg sorry х(
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!
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If I'd seen this as the target audience MLP was made for it would certainly have scarred me, along the same lines as the melting nazis and heart-ripping scene from Indiana Jones. As an adult it's still quite creepy

Heavy Metal, anyone?