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[Shimmy Shake]

Over… and over… and over again!

(Yona still stomps violently on the ground)
safe1599379 screencap208691 lighthoof498 shimmy shake499 yona4631 earth pony210414 pony868455 yak4109 2 4 6 greaaat1273 cheerleader2504 cheerleader outfit830 cheerleader yona85 clothes419292 female1272116 fence2604 hay1452 hay bale1018 mare432178 plank116 pleated skirt3979 pom pom1099 ponytail16126 skirt36525 struggling904


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With other reasons had yona cheering for light-hoof and shimmy shake when they could be unknowingly have shown their lady bits to a certain yak.
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^ OMG, it's OMQ!!
Yeeeaaahh, something tells me Rarity should've added more padding to Yona's custom pom-pom shoes…
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