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Made this out of pure boredom.

That's my stance on the final season of the show. Don't @ me.


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I would comment on S9, but I stopped watching after only three episodes.
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@Background Pony #8CC5
Episode 7 was pretty bad, the typical teenager cliché like most of the student six episodes and the fifth episode to me made no sense.
I don't think this season was bad, but it was very lazy in many aspects.
IMO, still the second and seventh seasons were the best.
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Again: aside the episode 15 and the twist of episode 21 (I still like the episode for the humor), I don't see S9 bad as others are pointing to be. I actually think it's one of the best seasons.
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i love writer before than now,so season 9 still fine but writer need fix.
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And for the record, Indipendentely by what people say, none of the seasons of FiM are leggittimately bad. You want yo know what it MY expression of BAD seasons?

-Spongebob S5 to 8;
-The Simpsons S20 and Onward;
-Original PPG S5 and S6;
-Family Guy S6 and onward;
-Fairly Oddparents S8 onward;
-Pretty much any season of Teen Titans Go.

Whatever people think, objectively speaking NONE of the seasons of FiM came even CLOSE to the bad of THESE seasons.
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Background Pony #86EF
Personally: Seasons 4 to 9 (except 6, that one was a bit of a letdown, even thought mostly because of three episodes)>>>> Seasons 1 to 3. The first seasons are VERY overrated. The S1 is about half composed by forgettable episodes, and only a few of the good ones can stand a chance to the best ones of the otehr seasons. And S3 while good suffered for its shorter lenght (and also One Bad Apple, Spike at your Service and Games Ponies Play. It's opportune to precisize that writers aren't proud of that season thought. Hasbro forced them to rush it). The only season of the old ones that stands a chance is the second one, which I find as consistent and strong as the newer ones.

S4, 5, 7, 8 (yes I' serious) and 9, have the highest percentage of general consistency in the series. And even though a few duds were REALLY bad (like Somepony to Watch over Me, Princess Spike, What About discord, Non-Compete Clause, A Matter of Principals, Yakity Sax and 2,4,6,Greeeeat), the awesome episodes in all of them are many, and totally compensate for the few crappy ones. The only seasons of the newer ones that kinda sucks is S6. There are actually several eps I enjoyed from it, but three of the episodes I didn't like (more precisely: Newbie Dash, The Cart Before the Ponies and To Where and Back Again) were EXTREMELY devastating to me. To the point I was very close to ragequit the show at the time.

Long story short: older seasons (mostly S1 thought) are grossly overrated, while newer ones (minus S6) are unfairly overhated. You bronies are such dorks.
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While I do really agree that season 4 and 5 were when MLP peaked in quality, season 9 has been so far one of my personal favorite in the whole show's run
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Break Up Breakdown is just kind of unpleasant for me.

I don't like how stupid Dash seemed to be in Grannies Gone Wild, though her facial expressions in the beginning are fantastic.

And Friendship University is just dull and annoying
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I actually found Non-Compete Clause rather amusing, especially in the second half.

For me, season 8's low points were Break Up Breakdown, Grannies Gone Wild, and Friendship University
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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'AppleJack's 'Day' Off' and 'Honest Apple' were both okay episodes for me. Nothing great, but nothing bad either.

'Non-Compete Clause', however, is most definitely a low point of season 8.
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