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Headcanon: Hot weather makes Sunset and Flash more likely to get super intimate with each other. Fufufu.

Although I don't really draw as much FlashShimmer art as I used to, rest assured that I still love drawing art for this ship. This ship is very special to me and I admit, these days I'm moving on to drawing other fandoms and what not but no matter what happens I will always be a proud FlashShimmer fan! Ha, these "caught in the act" type drawings are always fun to draw. Let's pretend that they were making out in a closet and someone happens to open the closet door…

Speaking of FlashShimmer, I feel kinda bad that I haven't drawn anything new for my FieryFrost FlashShimmer AU in a long time. I hope to draw something for it once I get some inspiration for new ideas.

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Background Pony #B559
Sunset: I can explain!

Me: how could you do this to me love, I THOUGHT WE HAS SOMETHING SPECIAL!!!!!!!