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Lauren Faust was once an ordinary woman, until she was blessed with the limitless imagination of a muse, and became the legendary superhero known only as ’Fyre-Flye’!Without a second’s hesitation, Fyre-Flye took up a pencil and created some of the most dynamic and impactful characters that the world has ever seen! Even to this day, legends are told of the great Flyre-Flye, and how her characters have changed their lives.
safe (1426038)artist:jamestkelley (80)paprika paca (584)rainbow dash (203474)alpaca (594)human (130516)llama (113)pegasus (187195)pony (694171)them's fightin' herds (2814)bloo (foster's) (49)community related (2765)dc superhero girls (29)foster's home for imaginary friends (140)imaginary friend (15)lauren faust (1675)pencil (2818)simple background (290047)supergirl (122)superhero (1058)traditional art (96197)


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