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safe (1431155)artist:mopar96 (13)clover the clever (326)twilight sparkle (260932)pony (699774)unicorn (204110)2018 (247)cloak (3322)clothes (356309)cloud (28523)cloudy (5828)clover (419)equestria (440)female (761769)forest (7585)hearth's warming (556)hearth's warming eve (995)mountain (3741)mushroom (683)snow (10903)solo (877323)traditional art (96520)tree (22648)winter (3438)


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Friendship, Art, and Magic (7 Years) - Celebrated Derpibooru's seventh year anniversary with friends.

It really stuck a chord with me. Maybe it is because I hold particularly fond memories to the hearthswarming eve episode. In 2017 a group of brony friends and I performed a stageplay of the hearthswarming eve tale at a brony meetup (with costumes, stage settings and all). Being cast as Princess Platinum my main job was to give everypony (and poor reasonable Clover in particular) a hard time with overly princessy mannerisms :D
Anyway, like I said I find the combination of the landscape with her very concerned look really very expressive. Keep up such great work :)
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