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Aww, c’mon, Tavi! Don’t say you don’t like wearing such fashionable clothing
Well, they are comfortable and they make me feel…kind of hot…
That’s the spirit! Now all we need to do is wait till photographer and the movie crew comes!
…Beg a pardon?

One more pic for the lingerie series! Enjoy :D

Nudity Version >>2115405
explicit (278755)artist:ziemniax (750)octavia melody (20807)anthro (197848)areola (10045)belly button (58876)big areola (4106)big breasts (55357)bra (12143)breasts (199063)busty octavia (1845)clothes (350239)crossed arms (3378)earth pony (143332)evening gloves (6616)female (745678)garter belt (2811)garters (2149)gloves (14000)lingerie (8308)long gloves (3332)mare (326966)nipples (116605)nudity (290854)octavia is not amused (268)panties (41041)see-through (3771)solo (866341)solo female (153578)stockings (25029)thigh highs (23014)unamused (11033)underwear (49019)vulva (95790)


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With more cases could have vinyl scratch pressure Octavia to wear a lingerie outfit which consisted of a corset and stockings as a photo shoot was to be booked to have Octavia show off her sweet pussy.
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