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It’s over….. It’s finally over……. I spent more than 40 hours of work on this one…. And I am so proud of me!
safe (1429881)artist:fallen-gabrielle (1)idw (12804)adagio dazzle (11025)aria blaze (8556)cosmos (character) (175)cozy glow (4240)daybreaker (2070)discord (26754)grogar (963)juniper montage (1031)king sombra (11695)lord tirek (3999)nightmare moon (15002)nightmare rarity (2633)pinkie pie (189133)pony of shadows (363)princess celestia (83685)princess eris (89)princess luna (88036)queen chrysalis (29369)sci-twi (18816)sonata dusk (11848)starlight glimmer (38097)storm king (961)sunset shimmer (50688)tantabus (406)tempest shadow (11277)twilight sparkle (260651)alicorn (163735)draconequus (6235)siren (1847)umbrum (881)windigo (513)equestria girls (159779)my little pony: the movie (16525)alicornified (3690)antagonist (1166)collage (1056)every villain (18)evil celestia (254)evil luna (198)juniper monstar (123)midnight sparkle (2119)pinkiecorn (419)princess of chaos (40)race swap (10885)s5 starlight (971)sarimanok (33)sunset satan (1202)the dazzlings (3755)villains of equestria (28)xk-class end-of-the-world scenario (2069)


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Obvious EG fan
@Background Pony #87E1
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Background Pony #87E1
Why is pinkie pie as an alicorn (pinkicorn) here? Wasn’t trixie a villian (with alicorn amulet) at some point?
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Background Pony #B6DB
Where is Grogar he’s a villain too. Than that completes all the villains. Unless you are calling it Grogar’s army of villains.
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Flufux Corporations
Storm King: The staff belongs to me!

Eris: Finder’s keepers!

Storm King: I found it first!

Eris: Did not!

Storm King: Did too!
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