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Vinyl invited Coconut to check out a party, and him being a curious little breezie agreed… Probably should have gone with someone less pasionate about partying

I feel I been neglecting my micro art, so have some good old micro between boobs

Little fact, Vinyl was actually the first pony I ever drew. I also really like the way she's portrayed in the show, I feel it's a very nice contrast to have this character who is into such loud and bombastic stuff and have her being mute. And yeah, I know some people will tell me that she's mute in the show cause the voice the fandom gave her was very iconic and yadi yadi yada, but I honestly like the idea of her being mute more.
suggestive129656 artist:deoix73 dj pon-328071 vinyl scratch28073 oc609056 oc:coconut20 breezie2043 unicorn273864 anthro233677 alcohol6169 arm behind head5488 armpits41358 between breasts770 boob squish1170 boobs squeezing body12 breast squeeze1457 breast squish326 breasts245635 breezie oc30 busty vinyl scratch2423 cleavage31407 dancing7644 female1193801 macro/micro445 male326833 male breezie10 micro8324 music notes2938 party1714 stuck2313


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In Treue fest
That certainly is a remarkably appropriate choice of attire. I can't help but wonder if Vinyl got the top because she was always planning on inviting Coconut or if she had the top already and invited him partly as an excuse to wear it.
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like, there was this voice actor that frequently did Vinyl's voice in fan animations and such, and a good portion of the fandom ended up considering her voice as THE Vinyl voice. Here's the first video I could find with her voice