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Background Pony #1292
They were not ok, Season 9 sucked:
- Siege of the Crystal Empire’s Sombra was way more smarter/stronger/cooler/composed than Season 9’s pompous buffoon.
- Tirek went from being an unstoppable, manipulative energy vampire to a muscle-kissing Johnny Bravo like weakling who could not even defeat an Ophiotaurus and cries about his “gram-gram”.
- Chrysalis was this big bad type of character, now she is a lunatic who carries a log around and talks to it.
- Cozy Glow now loses her patience much easier. In fact, her role as a villains was too rushed to begin with.
- Grogar of Season 9 never intimidated me like the rest of them did. There was nothing about his character design that made me fear him. He gets no respect from the other villains, even Cozy disses him. I have found many fanartists that have done a better job with Grogar.

I am officially done with MLP’s main show. Fanfiction here I come!
Background Pony #1292
I agree. The writers of the show made a huge mistake not making Siege of the Crystal Empire canon. I noticed that not only was Sombra poorly written but Tirek, Chrysalis and Cozy as well. I am also very disappointed at how boring Grogar looks.