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safe (1425620)screencap (173805)ambrosia (103)cindy block (103)summer breeze (163)pony (688204)2 4 6 greaaat (850)spoiler:s09e15 (851)bleachers (170)buckball (286)buckball uniform (88)clothes (354640)construction pony (72)cropped (34725)flying (29749)hammer (1378)hard hat (525)jersey (372)mouth hold (13271)shirt (17117)throwing (418)wing hands (1527)wings (52665)

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Sugar Cookie can catch a buckball with her wing. While flying. And then throw it.

She may even give Fluttershy a run for the money.

(This may also explain why Peppermint Goldylinks isn’t in her place. That or an attempt by DHX to hype another SoF pegasus mare after Peppie and Bifröst.)
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