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Okay, here's a very special treat for you, an expanded "special deluxe edition" of this which in turn is an expanded version of this. This version has been quite hard to find until now.

The link used to lead to where I've originally found it more than six years ago; now the only place where it can be seen (except for Derpibooru now) is this post of mine on bronies.de.
artist needed25556 dead source20317 safe1599404 edit121483 edited screencap58573 screencap208705 applejack161197 big macintosh26876 bon bon15562 carrot top5202 derpy hooves48392 dj pon-328234 fluttershy201283 gilda9184 golden harvest5201 nightmare moon16001 pinkie pie205856 princess celestia90443 princess luna94799 rainbow dash222347 rarity172369 spike75047 sweetie drops15567 twilight sparkle285957 vinyl scratch28236 alicorn202466 dragon49703 earth pony210431 griffon24740 pegasus251764 pony868503 unicorn278532 10 seconds flat47 20% cooler406 absinthe20 alcohol6247 apple cider371 applejack's hat5871 artifact1073 background pony9557 big macintosh's yoke91 cardboard twilight328 clothes419299 club soda2 cocktail278 cowboy hat13786 dress40567 drink4462 drinks on da house1 eeyup181 eyes closed82671 female1272135 fire10341 fire breath527 gin8 hat78262 implied batman4 irish cream2 juice1220 lidded eyes27653 male338180 mane seven6072 mane six30105 mare432216 needs more jpeg1408 nos18 orange juice134 quadrupedal1516 raised hoof40025 recipe115 rum60 s1 luna7001 scrunchy face6797 southern comfort2 spread wings48963 sprite (brand)7 sriracha6 stallion95800 stock vector1017 sunglasses13293 tabasco14 text52676 tonic water2 unicorn twilight13993 upside down5111 vodka220 wings84035


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I've checked, and this wasn't on Derpibooru when I uploaded it.

I've linked to the versions with 9 and 14 drinks.

And no, I haven't made it, nor have I edited it. I would have credited myself in the tags and the comment if I had.
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Whoever made this doesn't know their drinks as well as they should, also singling out a single character and not putting any effort into it is really low tier bait. I get that this is an ancient list from ages ago but still. Then again, it could be worse I suppose. I give it a 5/10.