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semi-grimdark28639 suggestive135032 artist:katputze306 rarity175742 unicorn294211 anthro245151 abuse6913 abusive relationship32 afterglow1573 aftersex8928 armpits42093 bed38603 breasts260214 domestic abuse54 faceless male3823 featureless breasts2334 female1303072 implied rape1315 makeup19720 male350340 manipulation52 mare448595 nudity350108 psychological abuse40 running makeup2016 sin of lust41 stallion100316 threatening suicide1 yandere799 yanderity52


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Oh great, That moment where you have just had sex and during the afterglow you realise how much your partner screws and bolts are so damn loose you are now being blackmailed.
Queen of Laziness

Is also Thunderlane Jr
My question is…who is the guy with rarity ?
If I may say, I gess that if it's not an oc, it's thunderlane :o. I know him too much maybe. But it's just my opinion about this noice picture =u=. Maybe I'm wrong or right about this.
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