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im running out of witty captions

Name: Zephyr
Nicknames: Zeph
Gender: Cis female
Species: Unicorn/Changeling Hybrid
Hometown: Canterlot
Current residence: Canterlot
Occupation: Heiress to Luna’s throne
Cutie Mark: A Constellation
Family: Luna (Mother), Queen Chrysalis (Mother)
Sexuality: Pansexual

-Krys’ partner in mischief
-kind of lazy
-definitely wishes she could fly

base creds: SelenaEde, MPLbasemaker33 
safe (1429509)artist:g0ldentoothpick (8)princess luna (88021)queen chrysalis (29356)changeling (32463)changeling queen (7787)changepony (629)hybrid (11834)chrysaluna (82)family (3486)female (760311)interspecies offspring (5290)lesbian (81920)magical lesbian spawn (8436)offspring (28761)parent:princess luna (1652)parent:queen chrysalis (888)parents:chrysaluna (97)reversalis (211)shipping (164542)


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