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NOTE: I did not make these pics. All credit goes to the original artist

Well, I promised I’d make some more of these, so here it is! This one features my favorite swimsuit pics from this guy plus some extra pics thrown in for fun ;). Enjoy!

Also, here’s another game for y’all: let me know in the comments as to which of these beauties you would bring on a 2- month tropical seaside vacation. Again, you don’t have to explain your reasoning, just let me know.
safe (1426902)artist:the-butch-x (1244)edit (97834)applejack (147573)derpy hooves (45853)desert sage (96)dj pon-3 (26667)drama letter (687)fluttershy (183866)lyra heartstrings (26078)octavia melody (20948)paisley (685)pinkie pie (188775)rainbow dash (203592)rarity (157360)sci-twi (18759)starlight (589)sunset shimmer (50576)trixie (55981)twilight sparkle (259987)vinyl scratch (30762)watermelody (847)human (130577)equestria girls (159391)equestria girls series (23736)forgotten friendship (4068)spring breakdown (1946)x marks the spot (166)spoiler:eqg series (season 2) (8378)adorasexy (7579)adorkable (2462)applejack's hat (3785)armpits (35482)arms in the air (264)attached skirt (138)background human (5934)bandeau (817)barefoot (21557)bare shoulders (1291)beach (11023)beach babe (449)beautiful (3681)beautisexy (153)belly button (59630)beret (1431)big breasts (56297)bikini (13715)bikini babe (510)blue eyes (2929)blue hair (623)blue swimsuit (275)blushing (153541)bow (19298)bow swimsuit (65)breasts (203125)bustier (49)busty applejack (6610)busty desert sage (13)busty fluttershy (12911)busty paisley (3)busty rarity (9416)busty sci-twi (290)busty starlight (11)busty sunset shimmer (3743)busty twilight sparkle (9133)busty vinyl scratch (2180)butch's hello (81)cap (3006)cleavage (27273)clothes (354985)cloud (28416)collage (1050)commission (40510)compilation (468)cowboy hat (10461)crepuscular rays (2153)crossed legs (2243)cute (148111)dashabetes (6634)derpabetes (1707)diapinkes (6965)diatrixes (2332)diving suit (177)dork (2656)equestria girls logo (691)feet (29488)female (758272)freckles (20475)frilled swimsuit (205)geode of shielding (1429)geode of super speed (1523)geode of super strength (1440)geode of telekinesis (2081)glasses (46906)grin (27971)hand on hip (3580)hands in lap (5)happy (23795)hat (64580)headphones (5887)hello x (81)jewelry (38875)legs (5167)lens flare (1444)looking at you (120185)lyrabetes (721)magical geodes (5468)midriff (16238)necklace (12235)one-piece swimsuit (3355)open mouth (103920)part of a series (1839)part of a set (7084)peace sign (1914)pearl necklace (726)pink swimsuit (187)ponytail (13140)pretty (628)purple swimsuit (201)raribetes (3740)sarong (595)sexy (18412)shimmerbetes (3405)shorts (10269)shyabetes (9385)signature (14827)sitting (45995)skirt (31487)sky (9419)smiling (182796)speedpaint available (233)stetson (4429)striped swimsuit (167)stupid sexy fluttershy (600)stupid sexy rainbow dash (1050)stupid sexy rarity (634)summer sunset (161)sunglasses (11467)sun hat (579)sunlight (598)sunshine (172)swimsuit (20883)tavibetes (356)thighs (4594)tricolor swimsuit (80)twiabetes (8031)underass (2013)vinylbetes (362)wall of tags (1772)waving (2086)wetsuit (500)white swimsuit (106)windswept hair (135)

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