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NOTE: I did not make these pics. All credit goes to the original artist

A lot of people seemed to like the first set of pictures I did from this guy, so I decided to make a second, even bigger one featuring some of my other favorites. I hope you find them as amazing as I do!

I plan on making one or two more in the future, so stay tuned!

Also, here’s a fun little game. Let me know in the comments which one of these beautiful sweethearts you would like to have as your girlfriend 😉❤. You can give a reason if you want, just let me know.
safe (1448323)artist:the-butch-x (1252)blueberry cake (649)bon bon (14805)boulder (pet) (1167)cherry crash (540)cloudy kicks (382)coloratura (2511)dj pon-3 (26881)drama letter (688)juniper montage (1048)lyra heartstrings (26364)majorette (154)maud pie (11194)mystery mint (851)octavia melody (21166)paisley (691)rose heart (571)roseluck (4375)sophisticata (376)sweeten sour (157)sweetie drops (14794)sweet leaf (476)tennis match (469)vinyl scratch (30975)wallflower blush (1284)watermelody (854)human (132454)equestria girls (162437)equestria girls series (24682)forgotten friendship (4162)friendship games (11546)mirror magic (2207)movie magic (898)spoiler:eqg specials (4652)... (1895)adorabon (267)adorasexy (7793)adventure in the comments (1210)background human (5956)ball (2571)bare shoulders (1366)baton (192)beautiful (3782)bed (31815)bedroom (6897)belt (3707)beret (1472)big grin (86)blank expression (42)blazer (156)blushing (156735)boots (16333)bow (19846)bowtie (7421)bracelet (6826)breasts (209246)brown eyes (311)busty cherry crash (20)busty vinyl scratch (2204)butch's hello (82)cafeteria (158)canterlot high (2124)chair (5041)cheerleader (2214)choker (7459)cinema (337)cleavage (27759)clothes (362674)collarbone (107)commission (41666)compression shorts (1103)concession stand (61)crepuscular rays (2210)crossed legs (2299)cute (152074)cutie mark on clothes (639)disgruntled (65)double peace sign (132)dress (35694)ear piercing (17262)earring (14629)equestria girls logo (698)excited (2225)eyes closed (69309)faic (10513)female (777349)fingerless gloves (3380)flower (18802)flowerbetes (94)football (1338)forest (7733)freckles (21081)glasses (47835)gloves (14635)grass (7026)grin (28579)hair bun (2302)hand behind head (963)hands on lap (1)hat (66287)headphones (5980)hello (130)hello x (82)humanized (88603)indoors (1518)jacket (9062)jazz hands (51)jewelry (40372)juice (1015)juice box (826)kneesocks (891)leather vest (59)leggings (1384)legs (5378)lipstick (8271)logo (2957)long hair (2870)looking at you (123587)lyrabetes (735)miniskirt (4016)moe (1176)motion blur (348)my little pony logo (3105)mysterybetes (31)nail polish (6048)necklace (12583)nervous (4453)off shoulder (1073)one eye closed (20967)open mouth (106395)outdoors (5942)pants (10092)part of a set (7206)peace sign (1972)piercing (28957)pigtails (3272)pillow (13055)pin (196)plaid skirt (394)pleated skirt (3494)ponytail (13485)raised eyebrow (5464)rarabetes (145)rock (3459)rocker (173)scarf (18179)schrödinger's pantsu (137)sexy (19146)shirt (17589)shoes (24753)shorts (10453)shrug (1183)signature (15158)sitting (46930)sitting on grass (2)skirt (32015)skull (2350)sleeveless (2508)smiling (186793)soccer field (116)socks (49984)solo (888294)speech bubble (17083)sports (2309)staircase (81)stairs (1287)stars (11673)strategically covered (2337)straw (1537)striped sweater (35)sunglasses (11675)sunhat (2)sunshine (174)sweat (20305)sweatdrop (1955)sweater (11687)sweet dreams fuel (555)sweetenbetes (7)table (7188)tennis ball (111)theater (240)thighs (5031)tongue out (77279)treble clef (46)tree (23120)twintails (1138)upskirt denied (148)vest (2868)wallflower and plants (54)wall of tags (1849)waving (2141)window (6136)wink (19009)wondercolts (667)wristband (2504)

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Editor & Rail Fan
Majorette is a good choice in my book. For all the good things I said about the other two, Wallflower doesn’t seem like the type of person who would do well in a romantic relationship and Mystery Mint, being a rocker, can be a bit loud most of the time. The latter in particular may run you ragged with her energetic nature.😉

However, just to be nice, I’ll allow you to choose two girls. You can have both Wallflower and Majorette if you like.
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Yes, but then it helps all of them so they’re still about even :/

On the other hand, it would seem from some of the comments here that there would be some competition for Wallflower and I’d hate to overwhelm her with all the attention so I might have to begrudgingly let her go

If it’s any consolation though, I think I’m very slightly leaning towards Majorette now, at least after discounting Wallflower I’m sorry, adorable one :C
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Editor & Rail Fan
Would a list of pros help?

Wallflower- She’s very cute and is the kind of girl who would show you lots of love, loyalty, and affection, so long as you treat her right.

Mystery Mint- A fun-loving beauty who knows how to let loose and have fun.

Majorette- She’s cute and as a cheerleader, she would make a very supportive, cheerful, and loving girlfriend.
Comments48 comments posted