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a dashu wit a hoodie cuz is very goodie ye~

is also a gift for a friend, you know who you are. hope u like c;
safe (1444001)artist:heavymetalbronyyeah (326)rainbow dash (205691)pegasus (193229)pony (712002)semi-anthro (9689)belly button (60322)blushing (156053)both cutie marks (8227)cheek fluff (3234)chest fluff (26307)clothes (361232)cute (151262)daaaaaaaaaaaw (2628)dashabetes (6808)ear fluff (18312)featureless crotch (5394)female (773775)floppy ears (41798)hnnng (2072)hoodie (10444)leg fluff (1819)mlem (603):p (5900)pink background (1710)sexy (18996)silly (6494)simple background (294852)socks (49784)solo (885601)spread wings (41554)standing (8349)striped socks (16838)stupid sexy rainbow dash (1088)thighs (4927)tongue out (76944)wide hips (11949)wing fluff (1262)wings (54595)


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