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a dashu wit a hoodie cuz is very goodie ye~

is also a gift for a friend, you know who you are. hope u like c;
safe (1410874)artist:heavymetalbronyyeah (320)rainbow dash (201651)belly button (58812)blushing (151388)both cutie marks (7950)cheek fluff (3032)chest fluff (25137)clothes (349784)cute (144749)daaaaaaaaaaaw (2503)dashabetes (6485)ear fluff (17277)featureless crotch (5283)female (744517)floppy ears (40662)hnnng (2022)hoodie (10087)leg fluff (1645)mlem (576):p (5712)pegasus (182702)pink background (1609)pony (676141)semi-anthro (9329)sexy (17927)silly (6374)simple background (285884)socks (48323)solo (865599)spread wings (40237)standing (8050)striped socks (16381)stupid sexy rainbow dash (1018)thighs (4296)tongue out (74467)wide hips (11526)wing fluff (1194)wings (51098)


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