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A scene from my Anthro MLP dreamscape. The metal band Flying Finger who's core members are the grownup CMC did a series of concerts at Mount Aris while on tour. One unique facet of performing at Mount Aris was that they did two completely different concerts. They had one performance on land, and then one underwater.

Needless to say performing a heavy metal concert beneath the waves present several technological challenges to the road crew. However hurdles were overcome and solutions found. Also Applebloom's drum set required extensive modification.
suggestive129651 artist:baron engel1803 apple bloom46803 scootaloo49061 sweetie belle46631 mermaid1788 anthro233663 apple brawn153 areola14136 athletic59 breasts245624 clothes414614 cutie mark crusaders18104 erect nipples8875 female1192951 mermaidized963 monochrome142951 muscles10302 muscular female1127 nipple outline6384 nudity334499 older23410 older apple bloom1742 older scootaloo1734 older sweetie belle1931 pencil drawing7428 seaponified1970 see-through4629 shirt21686 species swap17624 t-shirt3813 toned259 toned female54 traditional art109271 trio7458 trio female1060 underwater4548


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Background Pony #55E1
They have such a thing as dresses and skirts, you know. Rip a page from EQG. I doubt underclothes are necessary in that case, as that stuff doesn't leave an outline or an imprint. Nothing is going to happen to anything from the abdomen upward.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Not fan of Boulder Media
@King Swemmel
They have a necklace magic from Terramar if they need to transform back to normal but if they transform into a sea pony with bra,panties and pants it will ripped off except shirt
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King Swemmel

What? They are underwater and they have no gills. Did the parents of "Flying Fingers" fans have anything to say about their young seaponies seeing big breasts and nipples through wet t-shirts wobble slowly in the water in the performing of the concert?
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Background Pony #BAEE
If the episode was anything to go by, you know Scootaloo had the time of her life down there.
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