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safe (1427778)artist:twilirity (86)applejack (147656)fluttershy (183995)pinkie pie (188874)rainbow dash (203723)rarity (157486)sci-twi (18767)spike (68434)spike the regular dog (2239)sunset shimmer (50605)twilight sparkle (260169)dog (7419)human (130656)equestria girls (159476)equestria girls series (23756)absurd resolution (61306)applejack's hat (3791)clothes (355254)converse (4453)cowboy hat (10474)dress (34975)eqg promo pose set (503)female (758907)freckles (20501)geode of empathy (2085)geode of shielding (1429)geode of sugar bombs (1273)geode of super speed (1525)geode of super strength (1440)geode of telekinesis (2081)glasses (46946)group (2422)hat (64644)high heels (8095)humane five (2153)humane seven (1688)humane six (2066)legs (5172)looking at you (120284)magical geodes (5473)male (257594)pants (9763)pantyhose (2913)ponytail (13143)pose (4035)sandals (3365)shoes (24026)skirt (31500)smiling (182926)sneakers (4173)spike's dog collar (304)stetson (4430)


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