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suggestive136870 artist:tzc429 moondancer4712 human149987 barefoot26523 breasts264933 busty moondancer379 cameltoe8236 casual nudity6389 chips737 clothes441433 feet38124 female1319123 food66991 humanized97912 nudity355671 partial nudity19365 potato chips167 reading6059 solo1031388 solo female175391 strategically covered2838 topless12072


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Background could/should have been more detailed to place her against/on something at least. But still, I can think of her pose as her shifting her legs up a bit.
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

never big enough
@Master Fox
Her pose almost looks like she's in the middle of crunches or pivots or some other core exercise. Though eating in the middle of exercising (especially eating potato chips) is a little too much for my suspension of disbelief.
Master Fox

The fact you can't see her leaning on something even just a pillow some how bothers me. It makes me imagine just how uncomfortable the pose would be doing that in the middle of the floor.