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Collab with my best friend v747 :3
It was presented by our friends as a print to Nicole Oliver at bronycon.

safe2155153 artist:bra1neater87 artist:v747225 princess celestia111861 princess luna116302 alicorn310269 pony1583108 g42007416 bored1799 bow43979 bush4518 celestia is not amused715 cellphone7882 crown29443 cute263258 cutelestia4258 dirt road164 dropped ice cream182 duo164673 face down ass up11314 featured image1196 female1781933 food100021 grin62052 hair bow25155 hoof hold12680 hoof shoes9388 ice cream6603 ice cream cone1159 jewelry110811 lunabetes4329 majestic as fuck1536 mare728729 phone12260 pink-mane celestia3107 pouting2367 regalia35757 road1194 royal sisters6579 s1 luna8443 scrunchy face8204 sibling rivalry209 siblings21232 sisters17598 smartphone5247 smiling390232 this will end in tears and/or a journey to the moon294 tripped88 trolluna180 unamused23757 upset1646 younger22634


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In digital purgatory
I like this because it’s lined up like an obsurd cartoon situation, but has enough detail to make the eye wonder like a rl photo.
Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
At least if Lulu sends that video off to Thou’ve Been Framed, she can win 250 bits if her video is shown, and she can split the prize money with Celly? :D
*Snirk* Silly Celly… *gives Celly snugs to help her feel better*
Background Pony #27CA
Damn Mean Luna. Celestia looks upset. Well this probably will end in tear or a trip to the moon because Celestia about to be public.
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Not a Trap
Daww Poor Celestia, I would buy her a new Ice cream, Luna is being a bit mean but I would do the same if I was here.
I really like this art looks really well made