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Redraw of this:

Stuck with the theme of a Marianas Trench shirt, I would have kept the one from the first picture if I still had it lol

Cause this is technically supposed to be me so why not give her my clothes? XD

The hair isn't a redesign or anything it's just what it looks like tied up

Sapphire Belle and art belong to Shiiazu
safe1584922 artist:shiiazu84 oc607951 oc only408456 oc:sapphire belle43 clydesdale219 unicorn273247 anthro233311 blaze (coat marking)856 bottomless12378 breasts245249 clothes414080 colored pupils8746 cute180964 cutie mark41989 ear fluff24135 eyebrows2454 female1184751 glasses55126 kneeling7587 mare426270 open mouth125049 partial nudity17623 ponytail15932 redraw1538 shirt21643 signature19618 simple background348490 socks57569 socks (coat marking)1747 solo981286 t-shirt3803 transparent background180888


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