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"I took part in one interesting project!
My art for first Russian pony zine!"
safe1586125 artist:feekteev56 gallus5976 ocellus4683 sandbar4801 silverstream5431 smolder6867 twilight sparkle283726 yona4560 alicorn199504 changedling7432 changeling41252 classical hippogriff4509 dragon48907 earth pony205693 griffon24435 hippogriff8469 pony856372 yak3935 blanket4773 bow24858 bravest warriors60 catbug51 chandelier127 cloven hooves8871 colored hooves4675 cute181175 diaocelles964 diastreamies1130 dragoness6933 female1188370 flashlight (object)481 flying34751 food62175 gallabetes804 hair bow13634 hanging1643 jewelry53063 lightning2868 male325597 monkey swings1224 necklace15846 plushie22148 popcorn1423 rain5610 sandabetes632 scared9432 signature19657 sleepover316 smolderbetes1072 soda1432 story in the comments698 storytelling22 student six1455 teenager4345 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116188 window7471 yonadorable708


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Background Pony #D3CC
WTF has Ocellus gone through in life? I know she's scared easily but this is a whole other level.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

I have to wonder what sort of ghost stories griffons would tell.

"And the ghost made him give all his bits away!"

"That's not scary!"

"Obviously, you're not a griffon."
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Not fan of Boulder Media
Dash:That Ghost at the classroom area I think I heard Yona scream but the ghost chase her to janitor closet so the ghost going to that closet
Bill:Ok we're on it and you three stay where you are
Then the Ghostbusters crew when there to catch that ghost
Dash:Welp I'm going home and screw you guys and gals I'm out of here
Silver:Wait what about our friends?
Sandy:Yeah we need to save them that's the friendship job
Dash:Sorry kids Imma not involved y'all for this situation imma a professor now so long
Sandy:Loyalty my ass you big fat meanie professor egghead
Dash:HEY!!! Ok one more time you say and all your friends say that I give y'all big detention with Captain Spitfire for life
Silver:Welp all I know she is a lazy,sleepy and wait a minute did she prank on us… Professor Fluttershy say Dash always pranking on whole Ponyville
Both staring at Dash
Dash: Wait I can explain wait what are you two doing oh no OH NOOOO…..
They tied up her at a door
Dash:Mmpphh… Mmph… Mmm… (You two are so busted)
Sandy:Well we know she is a culprit but now we going to save our friends now
Silver:I'm on it let's go
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An Artist Who Rocks - 100+ images under their artist tag
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) - Took part in the 2020 Community Collab
Dream Come True! - Participated in the MLP 9th Anniversary Event
Artist -

Dragonlover, Spike Fan

Spike and the other spike mannaged to arrive at Twilight's library.
However Twilight was reorganizing some books on her own.
Spike came to the door and knocked.

Spike: Twi? are you in here?
Twilight: Huh? Spike? is that you?
Spike: Yes.
Twilight: Come on in.

Spike opens the door and walked towards near Twilight sparkle

Spike: Twilight! You have no idea what I've went through…
Twilight: Go on. Let me hear what happened.
Spike: Alright… So I was going to the sleepover that Rainbow dash invited me for. When I arrived to the sleepover, before I got into the room I've heard a scream and it was coming from the bedroom where the sleepover was taken place of… When I got in… I'd happen to see Smolder and Gallus running scared. I've heard Smolder saying: "RUUUN!!!" as They were running. I dodged it because they were running towards me without noticing. I wondering why are they running? When I looked where they are running from, It was a ghost. The ghost was getting closer and closer, I screamed and ran to a different path. After 5 minutes I looked back and noticed that there was no ghost. I was relieved and turn my head back, but… suddenly I hit something and I got blacked out. After I woke up I've met someone that was also running away from the ghost but in a opposite direction. And it went weird when we looked at each other, we asked the question that I was going to say at the same time. He asked my name, I answered him. But it get's more weirder that he is also named "Spike". I'm not sure what type of species is he that the fact that he has cat-ears, pink-ish scales, blue-ish eye color and his spikes are dark green. But he's from a place called ponyla-

Twilight stoped for a moment and turned towards spike

Twilight: Woah, woah, woah… Can you repeat that one for me?
Spike: He has ca-
Twilight: No, before that one.
Spike: he is also named "Spike".
Twilight: Huh… I didn't know there was another spike.
Spike: Yeah, me too. That "Spike" was from a place called Ponyland.
Twilight: Ponyland? I think I may know that place.
Spike: You do?
Twilight: Yeah… It was in one of those history books. Let me go and get it. walks towards to the history shelf
G1 Spike: Opens the door and peeks in Pst! Spike! Is it ok for me to come in?
Spike: Sure.

G1 Spike walked into the room, He looked amazed after seeing the library. In fact he had never seen a library before.

G1 Spike: Wow… Look at all these books…
Spike: Yup, My favorite books are comic books.

Twilight: Found it! takes the history book out of it's shelf Now let me see… goes through pages Ponyland, Ponyland, Ponyland, Pony- finds the page what she is looking for Aha! There it is. Spike! Come here!

The two Spikes heard Twilights call. Twilight didn't realized that there was another spike in her library.

Twilight: Ponyland, it takes place in the 80s era there was a castle that belongs to a king that we haven't heard of. He was a human before Tirek turned him into a gargoyle, the only way to break the king's curse is the power of friendship. But one day A human hero named "Megan" was chosen to have the power of friendship. Megan and her pony friends mannaged to break the king's curse and defeat Tirel one and for all. Soon our beloved hero restored Ponyland and everypony lived happily ever after. However there's more to Megan's life after she defeated Tirek.
Spike: Woah… Wait, 80s era? That was a long time ago. We're in the year 2019…

G1 Spike was shocked after hearing twilight's reading. He realized something.

G1 Spike: W- Wait… If I was in the 80s era and the other me is was in the year 2019. Does that mean we're…
Spike: We're…
looks at each other
Twilight looks at spike
Twilght: WOAH! N- No way! gasp There's… two… spiii- faints
G1 Spike: I… I can't believe it… I'm in the future! This is one of the best moments in my entire life!
Spike: Wait… What species are you? I haven't asked that question before we know that we're time traveled.
G1 Spike: Oh… Well, I'm a dragon like you but different.
Spike: No way! You're me?
G1 Spike: Well maybe, maybe not.
Spike: I can't believe I've met my older self… This is awesome!!!
G1 Spike: Hey… It's been great that I've time traveled to the future, but what are we gonna do about Twilight- I- I mean your twilight?
Spike: Oh… looks at twilight Yeah, Never thought about that…


Dash: Phew… we made it out from that ghost didn't we?
Silverstream: Yeah we almost got killed by that thing.
Sandbar: sigh at least we're safe here aren't we?
Dash: Yeah… sigh
Sandbar: Wait a minute… Where's Yona?
Dash: Oh… She's inside.
Silverstream: She's WHAT?!?

Suddenly the ghostbusters arrived

Dash: Woah! What is that?

Someone steps out of the Ghostbusters vehicle

???: Did someone called?

Sandbar: Woah… Who are you?

???: The name is Bill Murray.
Dash: Uhh… We didn't call-
Bill: I know but one of your friends did.
Sandbar, Silverstream, Dash: Huh?
Bill: So… Tell me where's the ghost?
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Not fan of Boulder Media

Yona:Yona got idea why we use the vacuum to catch the ghost
Dash:Great idea but the vacuum in the janitor closet.
Yona:Ohh….. right.

Sandbar and Silverstream:YAAAAARRRRRKKKK…….!!!!!!!
Ghost pony:Come on please stop be.

Dash:Ok we need to get to janitor's closet for vacuum but I count to 3 to get there s fast as you can.
Yona:Ok I'm on it.
Dash:Ok on 3….. 2…….. 1……..
Both just ran but suddenly Dash rans to main door to escape leaving Yona alone

Dash:Sorry girl you all your own now SKYE AND SO LONG LOSERS!
Yona:Loyalty my ass you big fat EGGHEAD!!!!!

Ghost Pony:Welp she's an egghead meanie for that
Suddenly Yona saw a ghost on her back
Yona:ARRRRRRGAAAAAA……..!!!!! Mommy ……!!!!! Runs like Sonic
Ghost Pony:Ahh shit here we go again
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An Artist Who Rocks - 100+ images under their artist tag
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) - Took part in the 2020 Community Collab
Dream Come True! - Participated in the MLP 9th Anniversary Event
Artist -

Dragonlover, Spike Fan

However the ghost didn't really know that what they called is the real ghostbusters.


Spike: ugh… getting up what happened? rubbing his head
G1 Spike: ugh… getting up I've should have taken that path to get away from that ghost… rubbing his head ugh…

Suddenly Spike looked at the one who was right in front of him…

Spike: Huh?
G1 Spike: Huh?

Both: gasp pointing at each other Who in the name of Twilight are you?

G1 Spike: I- I don't know. C- Can you tell me your name at Least?
Spike: stands up The name's Spike. Spike the dragon.
G1 Spike: Spike? My name is also spike, too.
Spike: Your name is also Spike? Ohh.. This is getting weirder than ever.
G1 Spike: stands up ugh… Yup… Well, at least I have gotten away from the ghost.
Spike: Woah, woah, woah… Wait a minute… You saw the ghost too?
G1 Spike: Yup.
Spike: Huh… that's strange… There was this ghost and it made everyone scared and ran like crazy… then suddenly I encountered you after I was being chased by a ghost and now you tell me that the ghost is after you too, right?
G1 Spike: Yes, exactly.
Spike: Not only that. I haven't saw you in Equestra or dragonlands.
G1 Spike: Woah, wait a minute… Is there something that I miss understand? Equestra you say? I haven't heard that place before.
Spike: Huh… So where were you from actually?
G1 Spike: Well, I'm from Ponyland. Have ever heard of it before?
Spike: Ponyland? No. Never heard of it.
G1 Spike: Ok then. So basically we're different.
Spike: Then that means we have to tell Twilight about that place. turns around and walks away
G1 Spike: Wait… Twilight was there too?
Spike: Yeah… why you ask?
G1 Spike: Well in Ponyland we do have Twilight too.
Spike: (What? Another twilight?) Oh… Well I didn't mean your Twilight. I mean my Twilight. does that make it clear?
G1 Spike: Seems so.

So both spikes went ahead to twilight's library.
before they get out of the house the other spike asked him about the ghost.

G1 Spike: Hey umm… "Spike" I gotta ask you this… What if the ghost happens to find us again?
Spike: Don't worry "Spike". I'm pretty sure that ghost would get lost somehow.
G1 Spike: Alrighty then.


Gallus and Smolder managed to got away from the ghost. They locked the door to prevent the ghost from entering.

Smolder: huff puff Man… pant That ghost almost got us this time.
Gallus: pant Yeah… pant pant are we gonna do if that ghost is after us!?
Smolder: Well, I think we could dig our way out.
Gallus: Ok but where do we get a shovel?
Smolder: Well I don't know. Have you got any ideas?
Gallus stares at Smolder for a moment
Smolder: What are you looking at? Smolder realized something Oh no… Don't you dare…

Gallus picked Smolder up and used her as a Shovel. and it worked.

Gallus: I've got an idea now! laughs

So Gallus managed to dig but where is he gonna go? Who knows.


Ghost pony: Get back here!

Dash and Yona are hiding somewhere.

Dashie: What are we gonna do Yona?
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Not fan of Boulder Media
Ghost Pony:Welp that ain't happen for operator for help you cuz they think you call are fake

Gallus and Smolder suddenly saw the Pony Ghost


Ghost Pony:Huh they both coward after looking at me.
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An Artist Who Rocks - 100+ images under their artist tag
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) - Took part in the 2020 Community Collab
Dream Come True! - Participated in the MLP 9th Anniversary Event
Artist -

Dragonlover, Spike Fan

Spike: Hey what's going on here?
Smolder: RUUUN!!!
Smolder pass by
Spike: huh?
sees the ghost pony
Spike runs away from the ghost and heads to a alternative path

5 Minutes later…

Spike kept running
Spike: Huff Puff is he gone?
Spike looks back
No ghost
Spike: Oh good, it's go-
He encountered someone like him
Spike: Ack!
G1 Spike: Gah!


Smolder and Gallus arrives at the phone
Smolder: huff puff I gotta call Twilight. picks up the phone She know what to do…
Gallus: pant Wait, Smolder. Haven't you called someone else rather than Twilight for this?
Smolder: What?
Gallus: There's a ghost right? I mean Twilight had nothing to do with ghosts, because she is into magic tricks.
Smolder: Then who am I gonna call now?
Gallus: Ghostbusters!!
Smolder: Alrighty then… If they are real, what's their phone number?
Gallus: Umm… hold on. takes out the paper Ok… zero-eight-zero-zero two-two-two nine-nine-one-one.
Smolder: dials Are you sure?
Gallus: Yes I'm sure.
Smolder: Ok then, I trust you. puts phone on the ear

Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep…


Phone: Hello?
Smolder: Is this the ghostbusters?
Phone: Yes, what's your emergency?
Smolder: (Oh my god… I can't believe it. That idiot just actually helped me…) Uhh.. Well we have a ghost in Equestra right now. Can you come and bust that ghost?
Phone: got it. hangs up
Smolder: Ok… now we wait…
Gallus: Good, because I'm pretty sure that ghost was chasing the other 4 students.
Smolder: Yeah… Hey Gallus, did Spike happen to come by?
Gallus: Uhh… no. But I did see him going to the other path.
Smolder: … Don't tell me… Spike choose the wrong path and get lost there didn't he?
Gallus: I dunno. Maybe he was trying to get away from the ghost. Welp, looks like Spike is DEADBEAT already. laughs
Smolder: I hate you.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Not fan of Boulder Media
Rainbow in a blanket:Hoooooo…… Imma ghost for eating a young naughty creature…….
Student 6:AAAAAHHHHH……..!!!!!! RUN AWAY
Dashie:Hehehe… Good old time
Real Ghost Pony:Oh yes me too its was fun ain't cha.
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