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Sequel to this: >>2062927  
Well, she isn’t being ignored anymore.
suggestive159951 artist:dragonpone347 derpibooru exclusive31594 oc778321 oc only577188 oc:cerulean swirls68 oc:midnight dew173 dragon64770 pony1207479 unicorn394582 angry30228 ass59288 blood moon336 blush sticker2953 blushing222037 butt136024 butt crush314 butt freckles2299 clothes519365 dialogue73733 dragoness10466 dragonified1769 duo90734 female1502563 floppy ears59322 freckles33259 gold1316 hoard183 implied tail hole764 knight1130 lidded eyes35283 lightning3519 lingerie11681 looking back67211 macro12108 mare557934 moon26030 night30054 open mouth176386 panties54570 raised tail18515 rear view15463 robe4048 socks75216 species swap22152 stars18225 stockings38232 tail49245 thigh highs43311 underwear66747


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Number one reason why you don’t headbutt a dragon: Irony.
Also, that’s pretty fine lingerie for someone who’s just casually laying about in a bathrobe. It almost seems like she wanted something like this…

ehh not the worse of faves i have seen people like. i think you would be clear to go to the good place!
also, i guess there wouldnt be much left over except a very flatten pony after the dragoness is done? X3
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PM me Maud pics
One does not simply annoy the DewDragon and get away with it
Gotta say, that’s some pretty impressive work with the shading and all. Really brings out the shape