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Gonna try to put this up because it's such a beautiful Music Video.
safe1678805 edit129585 edited screencap63413 screencap218736 apple bloom48773 applejack167685 autumn blaze3753 berry punch6505 berryshine6505 big macintosh27934 button mash3986 cup cake4077 derpy hooves49711 discord30468 dj pon-328999 filthy rich1136 flash magnus811 fluttershy209800 gallus6591 grand pear257 granny smith5284 huckleberry370 king sombra13630 lightning dust4468 lord tirek5182 matilda505 maud pie12316 meadowbrook813 minuette5755 mistmane750 moondancer4769 nightmare moon16704 november rain571 ocellus5168 octavia melody23525 owlowiscious1976 pinkie pie213565 princess cadance32312 princess celestia93881 princess flurry heart7117 princess luna98033 queen chrysalis34310 rainbow dash230912 rarity179328 rockhoof1120 sandbar5361 scootaloo50782 shining armor22856 silverstream5996 smolder7692 soarin'13817 somnambula1879 spike77920 spitfire13260 star swirl the bearded1992 starlight glimmer47855 sunset shimmer61847 sweetie belle48492 tank2711 thorax4253 tree of harmony675 trixie66445 twilight sparkle296979 vinyl scratch28999 yona5008 alicorn219152 changedling8083 changeling46102 changeling queen15649 draconequus11073 dragon54611 earth pony238570 griffon26482 hippogriff9383 pegasus281266 pony941305 unicorn311895 yak4509 a canterlot wedding2765 a hearth's warming tail1495 a royal problem2129 amending fences1239 apple family reunion1086 baby cakes655 castle sweet castle1320 crusaders of the lost mark1644 fall weather friends734 filli vanilli1178 friendship is magic2793 it's about time742 keep calm and flutter on1036 lesson zero1440 magic duel2092 magical mystery cure2312 maud pie (episode)1276 molt down841 no second prances1833 pinkie apple pie1018 princess twilight sparkle (episode)2638 road to friendship1561 school daze2737 school raze2315 season 1583 season 2347 season 3454 season 42061 season 5619 season 6329 season 7350 season 8826 season 9664 shadow play1286 she's all yak1148 sleepless in ponyville1238 slice of life (episode)1720 sonic rainboom (episode)1011 sounds of silence3325 tanks for the memories1443 testing testing 1-2-31362 the best night ever1336 the crystal empire2782 the crystalling2143 the cutie map4126 the cutie re-mark3172 the last roundup1058 the perfect pear1413 the return of harmony1650 to where and back again2655 twilight's kingdom2972 winter wrap up1070 absolutely everypony1 animated97228 apple family534 applejack's hat6833 background pony10156 claws4937 colt14561 cowboy hat15205 crying42682 crystal heart855 cutie mark46755 cutie mark crusaders18827 dragoness8055 element of generosity832 element of honesty835 element of kindness901 element of loyalty1003 element of magic2203 elements of harmony2437 end of ponies782 eyes closed90308 female1338250 filly64882 filly twilight sparkle2681 flying37349 friendship student1648 future twilight1045 golden oaks library4964 group hug885 hat84539 hug27684 japanese8172 male363376 mane six31490 mare467543 music video303 photo78547 pillars of equestria278 ponies the anthology vii31 ponytones137 ponytones outfit208 ponyville5680 rainbow power2812 school of friendship1227 siblings8087 sisters8531 sky13602 sound8519 spread wings53131 stallion105114 student six1604 teenager4537 the legend of heroes3 the legend of heroes:sen no kiseki3 trails of cold steel 22 tree31427 twilight snapple2027 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122254 twilight's castle3772 unicorn twilight16630 wall of tags2915 we're apples to the core3 webm12779 winged spike8219 wings101532 younger17000


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Background Pony #9C78
Oh wow, it's a reference of the ending of an anime i never seen…
So emotional, the FEELINGS
Background Pony #9031
Sigh….well, at least I'll remain a fan forever! Even after the show ends! 😀 And I'm damn proud of it!