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Patreon reward for Greyline! After a few days of traveling, it can be easy to misjudge how narrow a street is; or is Greyline just bigger than last time? Either way, the townsfolk are all watching as he tries to pass by.

Seems like Greyline’s found himself in a bit of a pickle! It’s going to take quite a lot to get him out of there! Until then, seems like the ponies on the ground (and in the air) will be getting quite the view!
suggestive (113169)artist:goat train (2756)oc (525630)oc:greyline (30)oc only (364421)earth pony (148524)pegasus (188327)pony (698859)unicorn (203664)butt (9557)city (3107)dock (38009)fat (17648)giant pony (3470)macro (9114)male (258286)plot (64966)speech bubble (16694)stallion (73080)stuck (1918)


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