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suggestive (112885)artist:meiyeezhu (290)fluttershy (183836)oc (524009)anime (3553)bad anatomy (546)beach (11020)big breasts (56283)blowing (438)blushing (153518)booth (151)breasts (203045)busty fluttershy (12910)cap (3006)clothes (354904)comic (89327)covering mouth (155)crying (35666)dollar (68)dropped (14)embarrassed (8788)exclamation point (2867)fetish (29533)food (50957)hat (64559)hot (332)house (1336)huge breasts (25730)innuendo (909)money (1066)nervous (4362)old master q (358)parody (14584)popsicle (864)question mark (3529)reference (3196)sand (1606)shorts (10267)small breasts (2040)stuck (1911)sucking (832)summer (912)sun (4979)sweat (19832)tanktop (5865)trash can (669)tropical (41)vendor (72)worried (2818)wrapper (29)wristband (2417)


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^ OMG, it's OMQ!!
Since Fluttershy is a nature and animal lover, I don’t see her as a polluter or an environmentally unfriendly individual

This unlucky occurrence is just a case of sugary stickiness and could happen to anyone
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Popsicles will sometimes freeze to your lips, and if you’re not careful when prying them off, it’s going to hurt. In Fluttershy’s case, it just made it look like she was sucking a dick.
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