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explicit343414 alternate version42929 artist:sugarlesspaints1638 edit129479 shining armor22841 twilight velvet4180 unicorn311424 zebra17312 anthro253868 plantigrade anthro31343 anal26816 anal creampie8255 ass to mouth184 barefoot26842 bed39918 blowjob31100 blushing192757 bottom armor180 bracelet9062 breasts269910 busty twilight velvet758 caught3273 complete nudity3683 creampie29729 cum77720 cum in mouth10315 dialogue63888 eyes closed90161 feet38765 female1337037 floppy ears50735 gay26887 gay in front of girls473 genital piercing1559 gritted teeth11764 jewelry60796 male362899 male feet850 milf9300 nudity361735 on bed3222 oral47696 oral creampie4911 penetration56431 penile piercing567 penis149865 piercing39744 pillow17449 sex118374 shieldbutt267 zebradom1191


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Background Pony #3304
No, the cucking makes sense. Shining may or may not be with Cadence yet (who's probably off getting dominated by zebras at the moment anyway). And given the context of the exchange with Velvet, she'll be getting pounded by this zebra later on tonight. Potential triple-cuck situation.
Background Pony #A743
Aight, this is nitpicking but why does the zebra refer to Velvet as "Mrs. Sparkle"? There's only one in the family who has the name 'Sparkle', and she's not shown nor mentioned in this pic, so it doesn't make sense for Velvet to be referred to as that.
Background Pony #4B9C
If people don't like gayshit, why don't they just hide the tag? Because I don't see any other reason to downvote it