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Distance sucks :’c
safe (1425346)artist:sugar morning (755)oc (523458)oc:bizarre song (254)oc only (363093)oc:sugar morning (285)pegasus (187033)pony (688061)bust (31162)chair (4925)computer (4981)crying (35619)doodle (2122)drawing (3358)female (756911)hairclip (678)heart (37754)laptop computer (1786)love (3755)mare (333726)messy mane (5828)missing (72)monochrome (134279)pen (976)portrait (24672)sad (20512)simple background (289893)sketch (53111)sugarre (49)table (6989)tablet (521)text (40378)thinking (1371)white background (71917)


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Wallet After Summer Sale

The end is HERE
Hey sugar, if that makes you good, I believe firmily that you and bizarro are going to get together IRL. Just because he is far from you, doesn’t mean he will forever. Work hard, get money, safe money and don’t buy that much. Do that and you will soon see THE TRUE AND FINAL FORM of bizarro. Don’t be sad ok? :3
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