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Would you buy Fluttershy’s bath water?

Edit of 2022841

suggestive (113149)edit (99234)edited screencap (44368)editor:grapefruitface (144)screencap (174865)fluttershy (184242)equestria girls (159779)equestria girls series (23886)spring breakdown (1951)spoiler:eqg series (season 2) (8498)female (760627)implied nudity (363)looking back (41849)nude edit (2844)nudity (294869)solo (876429)solo female (154900)water (9856)wavy mouth (2939)worried (2832)

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I’d probably burn the bathtub, honestly. Just to make sure.

That’s a pretty massive departure from the original screencap. You can barely even call this an edit anymore. Good job.
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