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"Never forget, Trixie: Your mother loves you. Wherever you are…."

Parent(s): ???
Sibling(s): N/A
Partner(s): Jackpot (One Night Stand)
Child(ren): Trixie Lulamoon (Daughter)
Other Relatives: Starlight Glimmer (Daughter-In-Law), Card Trick (Granddaughter), Witch Hazel (Grandson)
Breed: Unicorn
Gender: Cis Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Sexuality: Straight

(And since she doesn’t have a canon voice, this is what I imagine for her. This song also describes her relationship with her daughter more or less)

    Hazel was a performer. She loved being the centre of attention. From the moment she got her cutiemark, this much was clear. As she grew older, she accrued quite a bit of attention from the stallions in her crowds. One unicorn in particular caught her eye. His name was Jackpot, and from the start, he was a charming pony. He was a performer, just like her, just starting out with his earth pony friend. Said earth pony was quite handsome himself, but made it very clear that she….wasn’t his type. That didn’t matter. She most definitely was Jackpot’s type…They went back to her place.
    When Hazel woke up the next morning, Jackpot was nowhere to be found, not even a note was left behind. Hazel was disappointed, but moved on with her life. She wouldn’t let herself get wound up on some stallion. Except, she found herself waking up sick every morning for no reason. She felt bloated, far more emotional than usual. And she had a strange craving for caramel apples…..Oh no…
    She wasn’t ready for motherhood. She was alone, her parents gone, no siblings, no other family that she knew of. The father of her baby was Celestia knows where and, given how he’d left her, he most likely wouldn’t want anything to do with their foal. She was scared. Not for herself, for this little foal growing inside her. But, she knew she had to bite the bullet. 
     The first thing she did was retire from the stage. She couldn’t perform and raise a child by herself. It broke her heart to hang up her cape, but, for this little baby, anything. Next, she got a job as a waitress at fancy restaurant in Canterlot. It got harder and harder the further she got into her pregnancy, but she did it. For her baby. Anything for her baby.
     Hazel will never forget first looking at her face. She was the spitting image of her father; blue coat, silver mane, big magenta eyes that would melt your heart. Looking at her, everything was worth it….

     I will elaborate on Hazel and Trixie more in another post


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